Survive the Bull Run!Can You Survive the Bull Run?

Survive the Bull Run Roadmap

Survive the Bull Run (STBR) is a clicker/idle game and token airdrop tool that aims to entertain and keep users engaged until they are ready to make their own on-chain tokens.

The theme of Survive the Bull Run is to simulate what life in crypto is like, with market crashes, scam emails, billionaire opportunities and all the rest of it. But as a game, or series of games.

Survive the Bull Run is a fun way to add new CashTokens to your portfolio and maintain connection with the CashTokens ecosystem.

0.0.2: Seamless Play

  • add user accounts/auth/avatars, allowing players to seamlessly switch between desktop, mobile, and tablet versions.
  • store game data in a database.
  • add a slideshow tutorial to help new users understand the game mechanics can pop up from a button

0.0.3: Assets

  • add more stuff to buy (assets, or things that produce more coins for you faster and automatically).
  • show calculations regarding utility of buying different assets at any given time.
  • refine the algorithm for coin rate of accumulation and asset prices for optimum playability and engagement.

0.0.4: Social Features

  • add leaderboards.
  • add visual and sound effects.
  • add social sharing.
  • add 5 more assets.

0.0.5: Get Real Tokens

  • add ability to exchange browser coins for real on-chain tokens (initially at a fixed rate) (a new CashTokens fungible token that will have the max supply and will be paid out from a contract).
  • add WalletConnect.
  • add 5 more assets.

0.0.6: Boosts & Challenges

  • add milestone-based boosts and time-limited challenges.

0.0.7: FUD Mechanic

  • introduce the FUD mechanic as part of the existing game or a new one on the same website (based on your decisions, you can get FUD, which as it accumulates can trigger unfavorable events).

0.0.8: Floating Exchange Rate

  • add floating rate for coin exchange based on real-world BCH price and based on an algorithm that reduces the exchange rate over time, in order to incentivize early adopters.

0.0.9: NFT Achievements

  • add ability to mint achievements as NFTs.

0.1.0: Achievements

  • reach 50 assets and 10 challenges.
  • hold 1 special event.
  • add statistics page.

0.2.0: i18n

  • add i18n, and add the first additional language.
  • add the store and sell some NFTs, power-ups, etc as a monetization feature.

0.3.0 Beta Governance

  • add player polls, so players can start playing more of a role in deciding the evolution of the games.
  • add in-game chat.

0.4.0: Resellable NFTs with Royalties

  • when the player reaches 100 of an asset, facilitate NFT minting, and then they can sell it and I get a percentage of resales.

0.5.0: News Impacts Mechanic

  • add news impacts mechanic, in which real-world news affects the game, eg market fluctuations, news, crypto sentiment.

0.6.0: Level-Up Mechanic

  • add a level-up mechanic.

0.7.0: Staking

  • Implement staking of real tokens to get more coins and/or tokens.

0.8.0: Merch Store

  • add merch store.

0.9.0: Sponsorships

  • start accepting sponsorships for game items and mechanics.

1.0.0: Meme Exchange

  • reach 200 assets and 200 challenges.
  • individual user-created tokens can be created as CashTokens and are traded in an in-game (meme) exchange.
  • add an in-game economy (lending, borrowing, and trading)
  • add the magic token mechanic.
  • have an an in-game event or celebration.

1.5.0: Player Content

  • add upgrades that improve earning performance from existing assets.
  • empower players to create and submit their own content, such as custom challenges, assets, or even storylines. These submissions could be voted on by the community and, if approved, integrated into the game.
  • add customizable avatars minted as nfts like Reddit.
  • prior to becoming a DAO, introduce educational content about DAOs and their significance in the crypto world.

2.0.0: DAO

  • create a DAO so players can own the game.
  • add a major level that builds on the clicker game to make another type of game.
  • organize large-scale, time-limited global events where players around the world work together to achieve common goals or compete in global challenges. These events can be tied to real-world cryptocurrency events or significant dates, adding an extra layer of engagement.
  • add player guilds.

3.0.0: Prediction Markets

  • the game becomes a fully-functioning DAO, with full coordination options.
  • implement a prediction markets MVP.
  • consider adding a food dynamic (burgers, ramen, pizza, cake, sushi).